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Agrovetbuzz Articles
Weed Management

Fight Weed Menace for Sustained Yields

Sumati Narayan*, Raj Narayan#, A. Saxena@, Raihana Habib Kanth@ and Lal Singh@

*Division of Olericulture SKUAST-K Shalimar @Division of Agronomy SKUAST-K Shalimar
#Programme coordinator, KVK ICAR Research complex Ela Old Goa

Weed is any plant which grows unsown and is unwanted due to its noxious nature and harmful effects. Thus a plant growing out of place and being extremely noxious, useless, unwanted or poisonous may be called as a weed. Weeds grow in the field where they compete with crops for water, soil nutrients, light and space, and consequently reduce crop yields. Their faster rate of growth in the initial stages of crop life bestow them an upper hand in such a competition and yields are reduced by more than 50% by weed infestation in some cases.