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Low Sugar Output High Consumption
Domestic sugar consumption has grown by 3.6 percent to 22.8 million tonnes in 2012-13 over previous year. However, at the same time the production has declined by 4.5 percent to 25.14 mt.

The Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) on October 21, 2013 said that the decline in last year’s output to the lower crushing and recovery levels in Maharashtra has attributed to the declined sugar output.

For the sugar year ending September 2013, production stood at 25.14 mt against 26.34 mt in the corresponding last year. The top two producing States — Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh — produced 7.99 mt and 7.48 mt, respectively.

Sugar output in Karnataka stood at 3.46 mt, Tamil Nadu at 1.96 mt and Andhra Pradesh at 0.99 mt, ISMA said. The overall output fell due to lower recovery and less sugarcane crushing on account of insufficient rains in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, it said.

An estimated 250.7 mt of sugarcane was crushed in 2012-13 against 257 mt in the previous year. Sugar recovery was down at 10.03 per cent from 10.25 per cent in the review period. ISMA said the opening sugar balance for the new crushing season starting October 2013 stood at 8.85 mt. Sugar consumption, as reported by the sugar mills to the Food Ministry in their statement up to September 30, stood at 22.8 mt against 22 mt in the previous year.

(Source Business Line)