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Strategies to Counter Heat Stress in Dairy Animals
Ravi Kant Gupta1, S.S.Lathwal2, Vilas Dongre3 and Nazam Khan4
1Ph.D. Scholar, 2 Senior Scientist, Livestock Production & Management Division
3Ph.D. Scholar, Dairy Cattle Breeding Division
4Ph.D. Scholar, Dairy Cattle Nutrition Division
National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal -132001

Heat stress is one of the leading causes of decreased production and fertility in tropical country like India. India is currently losing nearly two per cent of the total milk production, amounting to a whopping over 2,661 crore rupees due to rise in heat stress among cattle and buffaloes because of global warming.

The losses are apparent in the decreased amount of milk, increase days open and decrease breeding per conception. Sometimes heat stress is unavoidable, but effects can be minimized by certain managemental strategies.